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Malaysian Aircond Contractor

We are a reliable air-conditioning contractor serving the greater Peninsular Malaysia. We believe comfort lies in the heart of a place we call Home.

Certified Professional Technician

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Available

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Committed & Competitive.
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Gengaircond was established in year 2012. The ‘Business Brand’ was nurtured by its present Co-Founder; Ms. Zawani Z and become one of the top companies in his own field of service. ​ Ms. Zawani Z play an important role in overall performance of the company. She responsible in maintaining Gengaircond’s reputation for quality maintenance and service programs and activities.


The best trick to beating the heat is having the right AC unit for your home.

Install & Dismantle

We employ the best experienced air conditioning installation technicians in the industry.


Periodic service from GengAircond could enhance the efficiency of your air-conditioning system.

Repair & Troubleshoot

Air conditioner won’t cool? Cooling system making weird noises after starting? Don’t sweat it. We’re here to help!

We Aim To Optimise The Best Performance Of Your A/C Can Be!

Gengaircond the


for all types of Aircond Services in Peninsular Malaysia.

What They Say About Us

Sarah Wong Azman

Geng Aircond is just amazing! Have been using their services for many times. I am really satisfied and really recommend everybody to use their services! Any problem with your aircond at home or office ? Just simply call or whatsap them! They will reply promptly too ! Keep up the good work Geng Aircond!!!

Ridzwan Mazlan

Harga berbaloi, kualiti keja tip top dgn penerangan mcm mana nk menjaga aircond utk kegunaan longterm. Terbaik gengaircond 👍

Ray Mak

Thank you for making time to come all the way. Sorry ya Ampang memang senang sesat jalan, sesak lagi. Thanks for fixing my aircond that has been not working that well. Service excellent, bersih lagi. Professional! Aircond now back to original condition. Like brand new. Highly recommended!

Ahmad Fauzan Masri

Belum pernah lagi jumpa team servis aircond yang serba serbi A macam ni. Buat temu janji mudah, buat kerja berhemah dan penuh tanggungjawab, hormat pelanggan. Sampai saya pulak segan rasa macam saya jadi tuan rumah yang kekurangan serba serbi. Dari segi bayaran pun mereka mampu memudahkan cara asalkan pelanggan upfront dengan kaedah pembayaran yang sesuai dengan keadaan semasa. Semoga Geng Aircond mampu kekalkan kualiti kerja dan maju jaya dengan perkhidmatan cemerlang ini.

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