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Engage yourself in a career at GengAircond, one of the best company in heating, conditioning, air-conditioning, refrigeration, mechanical & electrical solutions.

Get an overview of some of the job areas that is available for you and explore some of the opportunities that could help you further develop your career.​

Our Departments

HR & Admin

Support Human Resources Operations and Office Administration. Have an excellent interpersonal skills.

Technical Crew

They mostly work in residential homes, schools, hospitals, office buildings, or factories.

Sales Operation

Commonly responsible for performing clerical duties ie. completing expense reports and/or sales proposals, etc.

We are looking for these Qualities.

Determination is also a good quality required for performing any task productively. Since determination is needed to hold up every challenge and reach goals for success.
Loyalty is an important asset which everyone should possess. When one is dedicated to work, then every move of their’s towards a challenge would be successful. Dedication to the company would drive towards the success path helping your company grow and develop.
Being an honest team player is an important skill every employee should have which not only helps the company but also co-employees as well. Good communicating team is more productive and is key to success.
There are cases where a project faces a hard time and needs to be submitted prior to the deadline. In such instances, working under high pressure and strict deadlines is mandatory; it requires to work under pressured conditions to complete the task successfully. This is another important, valuable asset that every employee should have.
Rage or passion is an important attribute that is required to perform the task successfully. If you are passionate about your job, it will no longer look like work for you instead you will start enjoying your work. Passion for work can act as a driving force for any individual’s work efforts that help to achieve success. So passion is very important and key solution to your professional growth.
When you’re asked for what you carry with you to the organization, self-motivation is another perfect solution that can impress especially the interview panel. ​ When you’re self-motivated, you automatically carry the responsibility in the right path. You feel motivated and make others feel also the same. Self-motivation urges you to read more and cultivate yourself with the current industry. Hence this can also be a good trait that can add value to the company.
Quick learning is necessary for any individual for grasping the concept immediately and implementing them. This is a special characteristic that is not possessed by all. ​ Quick learning is something that eases the higher authority’s workload and gets quick processing with the workplace. Moreover, by possessing the quality of quick learning you can also guide others and help them in their work. ​ So, quick grasping power can be a quality which you should bring along with you to the company.

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